I’m Jeff Quick. I write and play games.

I was a game designer and editor for Wizards of the Coast around the launch of 3rd edition D&D. I was also an initial designer and developer of HeroClix for WizKids Games, and won an Origins award for it. More recently, I worked as the developer for Thunderstone and Guildhall at AEG and as product manager for Iello.

Currently, my job title is Editorial and Licensing Manager for Bezier Games.

I’ve had fingerprints on a bunch of other games. I’ve been a frequent freelancer for game companies such as Paizo, White Wolf, Upper Deck, and Super Genius Games.

Nothing I say here should be construed as a statement on behalf of any of these companies. This is my jawn.

The Name

The name of this blog came from our bi-weekly D&D game. One of our newer players was perusing the Monster Manual, looking at all the animals with the “dire” designation. Someone asked, “Are you dire curious?” We laffed. But you know… yeah… I kind of am.

Talk to Me

If you are too, get in touch at [firstname]@[domainname].com. This is my low-tech captcha to keep out the dirty stinking robots.


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