Megagames, birth of a species

I moved to Texas a couple of years ago (around the same time that Dire Curious got ghosty).

Now I live in the greater Austin area. This place is lousy with gamers, but moving is such a displacing activity that reforming the relationships that lead to fun gameplay takes excellent good fortune or indefatigable extroversion, and neither has visited me since my arrival.

One bit of good fortune I did enjoy was the advent of megagames in the United States. I wandered into the idea somewhere and was smitten immediately. Very few people know what a megagame is, and it doesn’t lend itself to an easy explanation. But for gamery types, it’s like an RPG and a board game with some diplomacy and escape room play all rolled in together, played by dozens of people simultaneously.

I don’t have a succinct non-gamer definition yet, but I’m working on it.

About mid-2016, I got in touch with an organization called Megagame Society, based in New York, who are sort of a clearinghouse for information in the US. I asked if anyone was working on this locally. They said no, and sent me some starter information. I knew it would take time to get it all up and running, but I started to work.

Then a week later they wrote back and said, “Oh, there is someone after all. Here’s contact info.”

To my surprise and pleasure, they were open and welcoming, so I jumped on with Megagame Texas in time to help them promote and run their first game of Watch the Skies, last September. We’ve run two more since, and have at least two more n 2017 on the schedule now.

In fact, there’s one coming up on May 13, 2017. If you’re in the central Texas area, get in touch and I can give you more info!


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