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Destiny first thoughts

Destiny Logo Tricorn Vector by ValencyGraphicsI might have erred in starting to play a console game again. I’ve read a lot about how Destiny is either an awesome game or a tech demo with gamey aspirations.

Arguments like that are clever iterations of “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” Me, I like it. It could be better, but I’m glad it’s not. If it were better, I would buy the thing and sink into it and get nothing else done for two weeks.

As it is, I have run all three classes up to the limit of the free trial. Putting down money now is enough of a barrier that I won’t get pulled into its charybdis for a few months. But I want to. I want to dive down and down and forget responsibility and obligation and just shoot aliens forever.

So I give it a 7. Later this year, when they release a bundle with all the expansion content, I’ll probably bite harder.


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