D&D: 2d12

d12We were playing Iron Kingdoms last week and someone mentioned a preference for a bell curve over a flat curve. In an unrelated conversation, we were talking about how useless d12s are, and what shame, since we all like them.

I decided to pair these ideas up and rewrite D&D to work with 2d12 as the main resolution mechanic. I know, the game’s not even out yet and I’m already houseruling it. That’s a good sign for D&D.

I also included some stuff about alignment which my review group decided was an opportunity to get mouthy about the return of 3×3 D&D alignment. That threw me because of all the loopy things in D&D, how is that not just part of the loop?

I’m tempted to write in more depth about my thinking about 9-grid D&D alignment, but holy shit does anyone left on Earth care about what anyone else thinks about D&D alignment?

Anyway, here’s newstyle D&D rewired to work with 2d12. If you try this out, let me know how it goes.

2d12 D&D for the masses



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2 responses to “D&D: 2d12

  1. I kind of want to see the alignment benefits linked to the off die. Perhaps three twelve-entry charts tied to alignment and the result of the non-aligned die? (or the double for the neutral alignment)

    • jefftyjeffjeff

      So you don’t get any change unless you have advantage or disadvantage? I think 36 different results keyed to every single roll would start to get tedious. You need it to happen only occasionally so there’s some magic, and so you don’t have to consult a chart every time you roll. Even the way I wrote it, I suspect law or chaos results are too common. I’d hate for special results to be even MORE common.

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