Kickstarter Backing With $1

fourquartersI’ve scoffed at the $1 backer level for Kickstarter. It’s a reward for the project do-er, not the project supporter. I don’t get excited about having my name in a list on somebody’s website. I don’t know who does.

But here’s a couple of articles that are changing my mind. As I contemplate my own project, I’m considering these carefully.

Demystifying the $1 Kickstarter Pledge
Summary: The $1 pledge is about emotional support for giver and receiver, not fiscal support. Also, it’s useful for marketing.

After reading this, I’m wondering if you can include a $0 pledge level just to get more people minimally invested for marketing purposes.

The Power of $1
This article from Kickstarter’s blog demonstrates things successful project-runners have done with their $1 level to create value for the backers. This way, they’re not just giving you a buck because hey man give me a buck. More value for backers = doing it right.

I’m starting to imagine a game or activity for backers that the $1 level lets you participate in based on name length or twitter handle or something. Something that scales well, doesn’t take significantly longer to add new names to, but gives some tangible outcome to the backer.


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