Gen Con This Weekend

panelingHey if you’re at Gen Con this weekend, here’s my seminar schedule:

Friday, 1pm  Game Development

This modestly-named panel hides star power like Eric Lang and Paul Peterson. Every year at Gen Con you see a few “get your game published” seminars. But this one is stacked with people who know their shit: solid, published, full-time game designers. And me. =)

Friday, 3pm  Little Big Planet: Navigating the Social Media Maze

My current day job is copywriting for an ad agency in Philly and I occasionally consult with our social media director here. I hope to bring some professional know-how.

Saturday, 5pm  Break It to Make It Stronger: The Value of Editing

Magazine editing is how I got started in gaming. This seminar is ostensibly about building a relationship with your editor to improve your writing; an invested editor who gives a crap about you and your writing is something you don’t know you need until you have it.

Sunday, 2pm  Beginner Boxes, Quick Plays, and Rules-lite RPGs

I’ll be with Stan! and Ryan Dancey, so expect a lot of good stories and insights.

Free tickets are still available for all of these events. Come out and say hi!


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