Circle Games August Recap

I know these recaps are sort of self-indulgent, but I keep doing them for two reasons:

  1. Blogs are ravenous.
  2. I’m trying to sell you on coming to one of these if you’re in the Philadelphia area.

So here’s how August went down:

Started off the night floating and greeting new people. In between, I kibbitzed games of Love Letter with some friends and Toc Toc Woodman with some kids of friends. Lots more kids this month, and more new people I’ve never seen before.

I’ve said before that Dungeons & Dragons is one of the best ways I know to love people. I could probably expand that to general game play as well. I’m pretty introverted, but I love meeting new people over games.

Here’s what I wound up playing:

Kingdom Builder kingdombuilder
When I start to think about Kingdom Builder, I find it hard to think of as even a game… it seems more like a puzzle at first. But then interaction with other players kicks in and the potential for screwage puts it into the “game” category after all. I find myself liking KB even when I lose.


Eight-Minute Empire8-minuteempire
This game stays intriguing for me, but candy-like after play… tasty but unfilling. It still intrigues me enough to keep playing though. That must mean something.



Maximum Throwdownmaxthrow
Got this in the mail a week or so ago, and for once I was the first kid on the block to show up with a new game. Well, a new game that we’d been playing in prototype since January. AEG sort of AEG-ed the game up, which was to be expected. I liked the addition of starter location cards that allow you to vary the size and placement of the game’s start. It’s also probably more economical for AEG than just putting in a 5″ x 8″ paper rectangle or something. We played! Somebody won! Hooray!

Pitchcar (with stunt track)pitchcar4
Love how 10 blocks of styrofoam are marketed as 10 of “20 Pieces”.

In a field of eight racers, Team Quick was first and second for most of three laps, with Meredith in front, and me in second nakedly keeping her in first. Josh opportunistically joined Team Quick when he wanted to ally himself with winners. I don’t know why everyone didn’t try this tactic.

This became a boon for Team Quick after all when Josh leapt to the front on the final turn. The jump at the end stymied Meredith, so I stopped being a supportive husband and just took second place behind Josh. The pack caught up to her while she was trying to clear the jump, and she finished somewhere ignominious in the bottom half. Boo!

But Team Quick still placed first and second, so go Team Quick!

We’re doing this again September 10, 2013, so rush on out to 1125 S. Broad in Philly and join the hoopla!


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