Circle Games July Recap

I think I meant to write about June’s Circle Games, but the month got away from me. So let’s talk July.

This is a classic-style complicated Eurogame which has several hundred pieces, 50,000 variables, and three dozen ways to score points, so that you have a vague idea who’s going to win, but can’t tell until you’re piling up wooden pieces 2 hours later.

For being one of those kinds of games, it was fine. I’d play again. But I probably wouldn’t pick it to play again.

Love Letterlove letter
Introduced this game to a couple of people, and it is as fun as it ever was.

I’m looking forward to AEG’s other tiny card games this summer. I’d like to find more of these gems.

Ultimate Werewolf: InquisitionImage
I have a hate-hate relationship with Werewolf. I don’t enjoy games where the primary fun is deception. I can handle games with bluffing and screwage. But lying and puzzling out lying is more work than play for me. I end these kinds of games cranky and wired, win or lose.

But I sort of had Werewolf in my head on Saturday, so when Jay produced this Werewolf variant, I played. This game is really, seriously, meta-werewolf — you are inquisitors choosing which villagers get lynched every night instead of playing as the villagers yourself. Except some of the inquisitors are werewolves too OMG! There’s also no elimination, which is interesting.

But “no elimination” has a dark side. Because of a quirk of the game (which I suspect happens more often than anyone likes to admit), I never got a meaningful turn. The werewolf players were numerous (40% of the players), played well, and got lucky. So they pretty much ran the game. Meanwhile, non-werewolves like me got to make arbitrary decisions and argue. And without elimination, I couldn’t even get myself killed  and go play another game.

I have to remember not to play Werewolf variants any more… they’re not fun for me, and I wind up stealing fun from other players in the process.

Unpublished Flicky Game
The night grew late and most people had gone home, which meant it was time for the diehards to do something kooky. This game isn’t finished, or even really all that well defined yet, but the designer brought it and we played it. Since I still love flicky games, I was all in. We flicked discs at a thing in the center of the table trying to knock it over at just the right time. I hope to see this game again.

All in all, another successful night! Hooray for using games to love people!

We’ll do this again August 10, 7:00 pm @ 1125 S. Broad. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, come on out and ask for Jeff!


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