Kickstarters I Have Known

Three Kickstarter projects I backed in the last month have closed, and the money has gone from my credit card into the ether. Some time in the next year or so, some games will show up, probably.

Anybody who decries the fickle nature of the consumer hasn’t fully considered the effect of Kickstarter. It is delayed gratification on parade, the elemental opposite of I-want-it-now. Jay Treat said that he forgets about Kickstarter projects, and occasionally a little present to himself shows up. When he said this to me, I thought “He is in the grip of madness.”

But I just gave CMON $100 to get a game maybe some time early next year. I’m not going to stare out the window all dreamy eyed for eight months. Player 3 will arrive later this year and the Earth will rotate and then some time in February perhaps a great box of unpainted miniatures will arrive and I will think, “Who sent me a late Christmas present?” The answer will be: me.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve backed lately:

Eight-Minute Empire: LegendseightMinuteEmpireLegends
I played EME a while back, and liked it ok. When I saw the project for EME:L, I bit. After backing it, I put together the print and play version given to backers and tried it with my gaming group. They were pretty meh on the game and told me to revoke my pledge. But the joke was on them because the funding period had already closed!

I’m not sure there’s a ton of replayability in this game for us, but it is supermodel pretty and the price was decent. I’ll get some play out of it.

I buy pretty much everything Doug Tennapel does. His art style and sensibility punch all the right kidneys for me. So when I was informed that he was doing a spiritual successor to Neverhood–a claymation-animated puzzle game, with Terry Taylor doing a new soundtrack–I ran to the computer. If this is your first exposure to the idea and you want to get in, you still can at the Armikrog site.

Name dropping time! Eric M. Lang is a friend o’ mine, so when I heard that “Project Chaos” would be Kickstartered I said to him, “Eric, you tell me the time and the place and I will back your miniatures fighting game project.” And then it was like a hunderd bucks and I was like, “Man, I don’t even like painting miniatures.”

But would I turn my back on a friend? No I would not! Not when turning a back on my friend would mean I also wouldn’t get to own a cool game.


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