May Linkdump

Stuff I found in May worth reading.

What the hell is a roguelike?
Penny Arcade Report tries to hash out a definition of what “roguelike” means. More questions than answers… it made me want to try my hand at a definition, but the Wikipedia entry on Roguelike works for me (whereas the definition of AAA game was not when I mused on that a few years ago).

Anyone ever tried to do an explicitly rogue-like board game? Single-player board games are an underappreciated audience. And they will pay well to have their itch scratched… I learned this helming Thunderstone. I expect that audience would devour a good roguelike board game without chewing.

In Polyhedron Newszine back in the late ’90s, I published an article about turning the 1st ed. AD&D DMG Appendix A into a functional tabletop roguelike. I wonder if that could be revisited?

F2P takeaways
In short, F2P game devs do some things very right even if many of their games are unloveable:

  • Track player retention
  • Pay careful attention to UI
  • Care about social aspects
  • Remove barriers to entry
  • Update content frequently and rigorously
  • Quantify everything
This site is sort of a Yahoo Answers for RPG topics. I appreciate that its up/downvote system and moderation keep unhelpful chatter out of the way. I almost never have rules questions because when I don’t know, I’m OK with making something up that keeps the game moving. But the questions are about more than rules, and it’s a fun 10-minute browse.


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