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Dire Update

I was laid off from AEG about a month ago due to circumstances beyond my control. I’ve spent the last month doing several things: job hunting, working on a kickstarter project, a contract gig with another game company, and playing a metric crapload of Guild Wars 2. ¬†Each of those could be a blog post.

I felt a little burnt after I left AEG, but I’m not soured on games or the business, or even AEG for that matter. In the past, I’ve felt the need to retreat and reconnoiter after something like this. This time, it’s more like walking off an injury. I’ll be back in it shortly.

A friend of mine in his late 50s is a struggling professional musician. He is excellent at his job. But he’s not necessarily excellent at self-promotion. I was talking to him a few months back about related topics, and he said that when he hit 50, he looked at his life and realized that he was IN music. There was no more fallback plan. He wasn’t going to get into another career at this point. He would just spend the rest of his life struggling making a living at being a musician.

About five years ago, working at a copywriting job at an ad agency, I realized that I wanted to be in games. I missed doing games professionally. So I started to work my way back toward games as a career. A crooked line later, I was working at AEG, running a well-known, well-regarded game line, attending conventions in a bright red shirt, doing the thing I set out to do.

I can’t do that particular job any more, but I can still do some other game job. I might well wind up copywriting again, or doing some similar writing gig. But I’m IN games. There is no fallback plan. If it’s not with AEG, it will be somewhere else.

So you want to talk about games? It’s a good time to be curious.


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