Semper Ubi sub Ubi

well protected against hacker embarrassmentEspecially when you invite hackers to pants your servers. Because you don’t want to leave your dangly bits in the wind.

I am awful, awful sympathetic to publishers trying to avoid piracy. This is not about fat CEOs lying around on bags of money. This is about people’s jobs y’unnerstand.

There’s an ecosystem here, and it goes like this: The more that people pay for games, the more money there is to make more games. Yes, lawful consumers make the rich richer, but these richers like money so much, that if you give them even an inkling that they can make MORE, then they’ll try to do it. And this particular class of richers makes money by providing you with things they hope you’ll like and pay money for.  This is your standard-issue virtuous circle.

The obverse is also true: the less people pay for games, the less inclined anyone is to try to make money on games.

I’m not unsympathetic to pirates either. You need a better way to sort treasure from trash than the glassy-eyed “journalism” that most games outlets purvey. And above-average game studios are prolific — nobody I know has the money to stay abreast of every great game on the market. And, there is a certain roguish charm to the best hacks, damn their outlaw hides.

But let’s ignore people who smoke hundred dollars bills on the backs of their yachts, and the big-britches scriptkiddies. For just a minute. Let’s focus on the middle of the curve.

A game of any decent size employs 50-100 people. Those 50-100 people just want to make good games for a living. Every time someone pirates a game, it’s a small, but direct threat to those 50-100 people, and the potential for those numbers to grow.

Now listen, I’m a pretty committed cheapskate. But I’d be real, real sad if my desire to play a game for free or to prove my pr0we$$ cost anyone a job. Even a game company who tried going commando as their latest anti-piracy scheme.


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