Silver Lining indeed

Gamasutra, among other places, tells us that Activision has shut down the King’s Quest sequel via lawyergram. I’m sure they have some complex, legal, business-derived reason to do this:

Online-based development team Phoenix Online Studios has canceledThe Silver Lining, its long-in-production King’s Quest sequel, following a legal threat by franchise owner Activision.

It’s probably necessary, but this is one of those rare situations where the simple answer (“Shut it down!”) is the worst one. In the same amount of time it took them to deliberate and issue this relatively polite cease-and-desist, they could have worked out some alternative that would have earned them love and praise, and would have made their CEO, Bobby Kotick, who just delivered a candid keynote speech at DICE,  appear to have the regular number of human faces.

The good news, the complete upside, is that The Silver Lining development team is a passionate, semi-functional studio. If I were an outsider with a bag of money, looking to get into iPad game development tout suite, I would be Skypeing these people approximately yesterday. I would be surprised if someone weren’t already moving on this.


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