Further thoughts on GDITS

Here are some other quick observations I had while playing:

  • So many options in such a small space gives you plenty of reason and opportunity to fiddle with all the knobs.
  • Good enemy abilities do not make good player abilities.
  • Flying rules. This is  subset of the larger principle of  game design, “mobility rules.”
  • Enemies do not use their full suite of powers against you. Things that can fly do not fly to come get you. This is good, because the game would be too freaking hard if that happened. Levels would have to be redesigned to give you shelter from flying monstrosities. The same thing that makes you rule when you play as the thunder dragon would make the thunder dragon unbeatable against you.
  • It would be nice if there was some reason to play other than the best monster in the game. Your best monster might be different than my best monster, but I bet both our best monsters fly, and have a high damage attack that bounces and can be fired frequently. If your monster doesn’t have that, my monster is better.

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